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What we do : Choose materials for teens, plan programs and have fun. See Main Calendar for meeting times.

What else we do: Raise money for stuff we want by having carwashes and dunk tanks and other ideas yet to be born.



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Write up, write on! Poems and stories by teens.

Ode to Friendship

You, friendship.

You help people

Get through

Hard times.

You bring the world


You set social classes,

You keep man kind,



Brought to one,

By another,

By you.


Your like glue.

bonding two,


But sometimes,

You get old.

You----------------------------------- lose

Your bond...

And it's gone.

But you,

you come back,

To me and others,

And I thank you.

Lucian Eaton, Summer 2010


  As I reflect on my emotions,

My past, present, and future to come,

Glimmers over a flowing waterfall of my thoughts.

I imagine the hardships, intelligence, and beauty of Earth,

And like others, I experience mixed emotions,

But mine refuse to leave like a brick in cement.

I try to escape, but never seem to succeed.

I’m like lava in a lava lamp, Surrounded by emotions, shaking violently to get away…

Yet knowing it will be hard to succeed.

Lucian Eaton, Summer 2010

The Graceful Holsteins

The herd of graceful Holsteins ,

Wash in from the barn like a flash flood,

Overflowing a vast area of dry land.

When the leaders of the pack are full of fresh, green grass,

They set out right back to the barn,

With their black and white body guards right behind them.

Back and forth, back and forth, all day long,

Until a familiar sound pounds against their eardrums,

The feed tractor, and the cows race back to the barn, like angry race horses.

The cows eat and eat until full of silage,

And nod, signaling that they are tired,

As they head off to their dusty sleeping stalls…

And rest to do again the next day.

 Lucian Eaton, Summer 2010


My first dog,

My Jello pudding hog.

My best friend,

I loved you till the end.

You were so protective,

And not so selective.

When we asked you to go for a run,

You would bark and wake everyone.

I jumped on you like you you were fake,

And in return, you ate my cake.

There are so many stories of you to tell,

I'm sure that I can tell them well.

There was a time you ate the turkey,

That saved us all from feeling murkey.

And then the time you ran away,

But the cops found you later that day.

I could write so much more,

But I don't want you to start to snore.

For a dog, you were fine.

And now my poem ends on this line.

But wait, I have one last thing to say,

Kramer we remember you to this day. 

Gertie Flagg, 2010


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 Submissions welcome from sixth grade through high school. 





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